Hi! I'm Nathan Keen;
a UX/UI designer

This is my portfolio

User Interface (UI)

What design will be intuitive for the user?

The Naturally Wild home page
Screenshot from natwild.com.au

Built on Shopify, this is set to pay for itself in 6 months, delivering 150x the previous website!

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Red Cup Cafe
Screenshot from redcup.com.au

Built using Joomla, the owner wanted a unique and authentic look

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UI skills

CSS3 & earlierI could teach itRed Cup Cafe 2017
SASS/SCSSI understand most of itThis portfolio website (via Github)
HTML5 & earlierI could teach itThis portfolio website (via Github)
Pug/JadeI understand most of itThis portfolio website (via Github)
JavaScript (native)I know the basicsCustom typewriter (via Codepen)
jQueryI understand most of it
ReactI'm learning itvia Wes Bos
Adobe PhotoshopI've used it for zonksRed Cup Cafe 2008 (via Behance)
Adobe IllustratorI've used it for zonksInfographic on Conflict Resolution (via Behance)
Adobe InDesignI know most of it
Web InterfacesI could teach it
Marketing campaignsI thoroughly understand it
PrintI thoroughly understand itGraphic Design portfolio (via Behance)
BootstrapI create from scratchThis portfolio website (via Github)
JoomlaI could teach itRed Cup Cafe 2017
WordPressI understand most of it

User Experience (UX)

What works for the user to make their experience the best?

Naturally Wild Information Architecture
Part of the product sitemap

Planning and delivering on IA for 1,500 products and variations

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UX skills

Business GoalsI confidently extract goalsRed Cup Cafe 2017
Competitor AnalysisI chart/graph in my sleep
User Personas/ProfilingI understand most of itRed Cup Cafe 2017
User Story MappingI understand most of itBook review (Jeff Patton)
User JourneysI understand most of itRed Cup Cafe 2017
Accessibility & WCAGI understand some of it
SpecificationsI know pros & cons of many ways
Information ArchitectureI see dead patterns (6th sense)Why I say I have a 6th sense in IA
Prototyping, lo-fiI confidently create
Prototyping, hi-fi (interactive)I confidently createRed Cup Cafe 2017
Qualitative ResearchI understand most of itRed Cup Cafe 2017
Quantitative ResearchI confidently create + analyse
Quality Controls
Standards/GuidelinesI confidently create them
Adobe XDI confidently use it
AxureI confidently use it
Sketch + InvisionI understand the basics
BalsamiqI understand the basics
Proto.ioI confidently use it

UX blog posts

I have a T-Shaped skill set

Tim Brown, CEO of one of the greatest design companies in the world, IDEO, hires people who are T-shaped.

I-shaped people are traditional experts, specialist in one field.

T-shaped people are the best creatives, able to empathise with a wide field and apply their mastery to new fields.

An I is a specialist, which is bad; a - is a generalist, which is also bad; but a T is a generalising specialist, which is good
A generalising specialist is also called a T-shaped person

My generalist skills

  • Finance/ Accounting
  • Business Management
  • Engineering (Civil Engineering degree)
  • Print
  • Email/ Marketing
  • Web Development
  • Tech Support
  • Project Management
  • Psychology
  • Conflict Resolution (2012 course)

Many of these skills have come because I've run my own business and had to do everything.

Other skills have come because I've often worked in small organisations.

These skills help me to empathise with other members of the design process. For example, I can more easily work with finance to create effective solutions for displaying data, having a business background.

Please read below for some of my general skills. Also check out a timeline of my work experience.

Project Management

How can we manage timeframes?

Gantt chart showing two major pieces in parallel

How I delivered twice the value for Red Cup Cafe in the agreed time through smart outsourcing.

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Agile Project Management
Jeff Patton's 'User Story Mapping' book

How I have managed this portfolio site

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PM skills

PM artifactsI could teach this
OutsourcingI thoroughly understand it
Asana + EverhourI've ticked off thousands of tasks
MavenlinkI understand most of it
BasecampI've broken it
TrelloI've broken it
TeamworkI understand most of it
MS ProjectI've pushed it beyond its limits

General Web

How can we empower people?

Web skills

WHM/cPanelI've done this for zonks
SQLI understand some of it
GithubI understand most of itCheck out my Github account