Adopted by God. Husband. Father. Apologist. Evangelist. 

  • By the Myer-Briggs reading I'm an INTJ: a "Mastermind" or "Architect", here are two excellent summaries of my personality or  - with a pinch of salt: sometimes I am quite extrovert when I can talk about God-stuff, being energised by and animated in discussions with Christians or non-Christians. 
  • I'm detail minded & big pictured! That means I can analyse large amounts of information, and summarise them down really well - e.g. this Church Management System guide (don't miss the Excel spreadsheet link at the bottom) or this Conflict Resolution Infographic (click for full version)


  • I'm a manager, not a visionary; someone who gets things done, rather than a visionary. I work best making others look good by providing them with finished projects, efficient systems, reports, websites, etc.


Project Manager

Project Managing within Agape Media, 2009-2013

  • 30+ websites, many running parallel

Programme Manager at PSA Project Management 2009-2010

  • Contract with Australia Post head office, over up to nine national projects (until they downsized and turned away all contractors)
  • Dozens of projects at RMIT within Civil Engineering degree 2006-2009

Web Designer

Web Designer of my own business Agape Media, 2009-2013 and at FamilyVoice, 2014-ongoing

Graphic Designer

  • I have considerable experience designing infographics, bespoke website graphics, and other common business design needs.
  • Please see my portfolio on Behance:

Policy Analyst / Political Discerner

  • Policy writer at FamilyVoice Australia on a diverse range of Australian political topics such as prostitution, medical marijuana, homosexuality, surrogacy, education, freedoms. 
  • Main speaker at a local event for 3 churches on the 2016 Federal Election, explaining in balanced terms the different ways major parties deal with the poor and disadvantaged, and how to weigh the issues especially regarding marriage. Most people were very appreciative of this and kept asking for the slideshow.
  • Experimented with empathetic learning of different sides of a controversial debate - see this terrorism mindmap.
  • Underwent PeaceWise training, researched, wrote and drew up a conflict resolution policy draft for CCCVaT, 2013-14
  • Researched and wrote a general church policy guide and template with CCCVaT, 2013
  • Keep up with current issues through subscribing to groups such as: Salt Shakers, Bill Muehlenberg, News Weekly, FamilyVoice, Creation Magazine, Australian Presbyterian, ACL, Life Site News, MovieGuide - Ted Baehr (ongoing)
  • Actively engage with public on political issues (ongoing): see Facebook page:

Systems Designer

  • Founded a productivity business "Agape Media Consulting" focussed on matching organisations and business to systems that help them be more productive. Areas include: finance, sales, marketing, web design, IT, project management, CRMs and all the IT areas that come with that.

Finance: what if you could get transactions from the bank automatically, categorise them automatically, and have your reports like Profit & Loss, BAS etc. done automatically? Most businesses would save on average 3.5 hours per week, which is 3.5 x 50 weeks x $30/hr (or your rate) = $5,250 saved.

Sales: what if you could automatically have contact details saved from email conversations, get automatically reminded about leads you haven't contacted recently, and have the whole sales system integrated right next your email? One person saved 10 hours a week and thus $26,000 per year! (10hrs x 52 weeks x $50/hr).

Web design: what if you could cut customer calls by half with relevant and easily accessible information on your site, allow customers to purchase products or donate online, automatically add people to an email list, and connect all your customer data to your CRM automatically? You get the picture: lots of time saved, and in this case a far greater marketing/sales reach.

  • Researched and migrated core systems for FamilyVoice Australia (ongoing), with estimated savings of 1-4 hours per week per staff member (no. hours for all staff x 52 weeks x hourly rate = $$ tens of thousands saved).
  • Setup and maintained systems at CCCVaT, 2011-2013: Email; newsletter; website; customer relationship management software (cloud service, and, a national custom mysql/php database); filing & backups; security.
  • Setup and maintained systems at Agape Media, 2009-2013: CRM (various, e.g. Zoho, HighRise); Project Management (Basecamp); Task Management (various, e.g. Trello); Finance (various, e.g. Xero)

Business Administration

Personal Assistant at CCCVaT, 2011-2013

  • General admin; event management, including 200 person conferences; minute taker; designer; policy researcher and coordinator

Founder & Owner of Agape Media, 2009-2013

  • Hired Filipino's full time at various times, for up to several months as needed, 2011-2013
  • Thought out strategies for marketing, business direction, and operations

Business Administration with Agape Media, 2009-2013

  • General admin; finance; management;

Admin at Salt Shakers, 2007-2009

  • General admin; finance

Marketing Technician

  • Setup a political campaign site while at FamilyVoice to help users email their local MPs -; (fully localised, coming soon). This also linked users to our database if they wanted to continue getting emails.
  • And generally providing help to marketers on a range of technology platforms such as social media, analytics, email campaigns, search engine optimisation (SEO), measuring success, connecting platforms, cleansing and interpreting data, etc.

Evangelist / Theologian

  • Co-leader of "Life" course at Trinity North East Anglican Church, 2014
  • Co-leader of Christianity Explored course at St Alfred's Anglican Church, 2013
  • Author-to-be of evangelism training course, and blogger of Noah's Evangelism, 2009-2013 (on hold)
  • Master of Divinity student with the Australian College of Theology (2013 - ongoing)
  • Participant in "Calvin Club", a group of friends reading through Calvin's Institutes, a systematic theology with a pastoral style, meeting monthly, 2013-2014
  • Street Witnessing, where I would get alongside people and explain their need for a Saviour, and listen and discuss with them about life issues, 2006-2009
  • Saved by God, 2003
  • Keep up with current theological issues through listening to / reading such people as: John Piper, Vishal Mangalwadi, Wayne Grudem, Ligonier Ministries, Tim Keller, Paul Washer, Jonathan Edwards, John Calvin, Charles Spurgeon, Norman Geisler, Bill Muehlenberg and many more