Work Experience & Education

Front-End Developer at Computershare Communication Services

Built multiple single-page applications using jQuery

  • jQuery
  • JavaScript

Built a Quality Checking site for HTML emails, reducing quality control from 15 minutes to 30 seconds, while increasing what is checked from several elements in some parts of the code to 29 elements in every part of the code.

  • Checks 29 different parts for compliance, via a mixture of jQuery and regex
  • Represents the view of the email as it would look without images downloaded (with stylised alt text)
  • Represents the view of the email as it would look on mobiles (automatically linking found dates and phone numbers) including basic testing for responsiveness
  • Tests accessibility, including colour contrast, table roles, meta information, alt image tags

Built a Text Editor for HTML emails (WYSIWYG)

  • Edits any HTML email without stuffing up the code (as is achieved by Web-focused editors)
  • Automatically highlights hidden characters like non-breaking spaces, tabs, spaces, and special characters (via toggle button)
  • Automatically fixes unstylised dates, phone numbers and ABNs (that can be misconstrued as phone numbers)
  • Fully WYSIWYG so non-technical people can edit emails

Created a way to build responsive datatables in emails, and re-form them as much higher quality cards

UX/UI Consultant (self run)

Built ~1,000 & ~1,500 item eCommerce (Shopify) stores for Philworld Trading Pty Ltd & Naturally Wild —see Naturally Wild

  • Information Architecture—see Naturally Wild (IA)
  • I modified the notifications to make it into a complete Tax Invoice (with GST and other parts) Shopify/Liquid

Built business website for Red Cup Cafe —see Red Cup 2017

  • Analysed the various customers, developed user personas, customer scenarios and journeys User Research
  • Wireframed on paper, and prototyped in Joomla, with qualitative testing for feedback Prototyping
  • Constructed a much easier, fully responsive menu system UI

Managed Joomla & WordPress website maintenance for several sites

  • Joomla
  • WordPress
  • Managed Cpanel, Apache, .htaccess, PHP.ini, Cron jobs, FTP and so on: Webhosting management

Made this portfolio site —see Portfolio (via Github)

  • Built using Bootstrap 4, Pug, and SASS
  • Wireframed with paper and Axure

The wireframe on Axure RP for this page

Various books/courses/self-teaching

I taught myself Shopify & Liquid while working on two shops —see Naturally Wild

I taught myself Sass, the CSS preprocessor —see my Github Github

I taught myself Bootstrap —see my Github Github

I taught myself Github —see my Github Github

I taught myself Pug (Jade), the HTML preprocessor —see my Github Github

I took some Sitepoint courses to learn JavaScript & jQuery —see my Codepens

  • This is the point where I heavily reduced my reliance on CMS plugins and started adding JavaScript myself, for greater control and less bloat (and always being able to get a good solution) JavaScript, jQuery

I started two courses in React (Wes Bos & Andrew Mead)

I read Designing for Emotion, by Aarron Walter

I read Design for Real Life, by Eric Meyer & Sara Wachter-Boettcher

I read User Story Mapping, by Jeff Patton —see my writeup Portfolio (Learning)

I read Web Style Guide, 4th edition

Information Officer at a Political Research Org

Learned the best policies are those pursued with the head AND the heart, and thus the secret to most satisfying human experiences/communities. Also learned how the elite use psychology - on 'both' sides of politics - to push policies through!

  • EQ (Emotional Intelligence)
  • Psychology

Engineered the migration of their 100,000+ record database to a system that is poised to save $50,000/yr in productivity Problem Solving

Redesigned a 22 step process to discover party responses to a single 1-step, 1 page overview, with basic informal user research.

  • Problem Solving
  • I went through some lo-fi wireframes with my boss before building it in Joomla Prototyping
  • Needed a responsive jQuery table, and custom jQuery jQuery
  • We each collectively asked a few people we knew about what type of election resources they wanted User Research

Designed an 'Action' platform prototype where users could email their state's members of parliament. This was my first informal taste of Agile development.

  • Prototyping
  • Joomla CMS
  • Agile project management

Project managed the development of the 'Action' site into a more capable system, using Postmark for email, Google Maps API for ease of address finding, and easy campaign building in the back-end. Developed a backlog in Excel, and slowly iterated (without even a permanent part-timer, this was slow!)

  • Agile project management
  • I advised and updated the UI directly UI

Grammar course

Finally, the missing grammar course for my generation!

Around this time, I found "StyleWriter" and other tools to improve my writing. I uncovered the importance of writing "plain English", particularly necessary for web content. There are automated ways to 'score' your writing. Writing

PA to Director at CCCVaT

Forget the title, this was a 2 person organisation, so I did everthing from admin to tech support, to web and graphic design and more!

Major projects such as design of the 'corporate' identity website Joomla CMS

A database interface for a custom CRM

  • SQL
  • PHP

An infographic on the process from 'Conflict to Peace' Adobe Illustrator, Graphic Design —see graphic design portfolio

A massive guide through the myriad of church management software options, providing analysis and evaluation. Information Architecture

Organised 250-person multi-day conference including creche and childcare! Event Management

Conflict Resolution Course

Book + 3 day hands-on course + infographic on understanding conflict and how to resolve it.

  • Conflict Resolution
  • EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

Web Design Business, Sole Trader

People started asking me to do websites for them; I obliged

  • 15+ Joomla websites Joomla CMS
  • Developed bespoke website for Red Cup Cafe; Photoshop, UI, PHP —see graphic design portfolio
  • Entreprenuership

I started looking for other work when I found I wasn't great at sales & networking

Business Commandos Course

Developed a whole business/sales/marketing plan Marketing

Learned about outsourcing and hired Philipinos

  • Now I was managing a team of 2-4 Project Management
  • This required understanding key cultural differences and constant communication EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

Project Manager at PSA PM

Worked with a small but elite consultancy at Australia Post, managing up to 8 national projects

  • Project Management
  • Managed 1500-2500 task Microsoft Project schedules (incl. gantt charts) MS Project

NFP Political Research Org

Apart from administration and tech support, I redeveloped their website of several hundred articles across about a dozen issues

  • Joomla CMS
  • Information Architecture

Organised a week-long 100+ strong conference at La Trobe Uni; Event Management

Civil Engineering Degree

Developed strong understanding & practice of Project Management (Major)

Pushed through countless projects with similar tenets to web design: tight timelines, multi-disciplinary, lots of technical unknowns at the start Problem Solving

Finished with Honours and was asked if I wanted to pursue a research track; declined (I prefer a healthy balance between theory and practice).

High School

Pioneered handing in projects as websites, when everyone was still using PowerPoint or a poster!

Taught myself Photoshop

Learned table layouts with HTML

Learned basic CSS

Got top combined maths + science score in the year level (year 12), and ENTER of 96.75; IQ